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Tony Katz Today is not your everyday talk show.

Using pop culture and comedy, Tony entertainingly works his way through hard news and current events, making the complex easy to understand and exposing political and media hypocrisy along the way.

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Tony Katz
Tony Katz

Tony focuses on right vs. wrong instead of right vs. left.

Tony is a husband, father, host, and entertainer.

As the daily host of Tony Katz Today, Tony has provided political and cultural observations and analysis to FOX News, Newsmax, NewsNation, CNBC and radio stations across the country. As a consultant, he has helped national organizations with messaging and focus.

Tony is a sought-after public speaker and emcee, with an emphasis on new media, culture, capitalism and getting big laughs.

Having signed both sides of a paycheck, Tony understands the joys and challenges of business ownership. In his college days, he sold pizza door to door. After school, he owned a restaurant in Florida and ran other eateries in Washington DC and New Jersey.

In addition to Tony Katz Today, Tony is the host of the nationally syndicated Eat! Drink! Smoke! show and is the author of Let’s Go Bourbon! and Let’s Go BBQ!

He will gladly accept a cigar from you, anytime.